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Bella Italia

The bags are packed, the tricycles of Marschall are ready for the matirial transport, the training is finished, the tape of Astrid for my trip is fixed - now a sip of red wine with my family ant than we start towards the south.

The tricycles and the matirial goes with our good soul Heidi in a transporter. It goes over a meeting point in Denzlingen(near Freiburg) directly toPiacenza.
I drive with my wife unscheduled over Biberach (Riß) - unfortunately my mum is in the hospital at the intensive care unit- after a visit we can diside how the trip goes on.
If we travel after plan we start on suturday and sunday to the Eurocup in Piacenza, in between the "Final-Dahoim" - the scarf is in my luggage.

At the end like always a smart saying, this time from a ciclist, who dose not want to be named:
"Cicling takes place between the ears. A lot of times there is fallow land, wich should be replant for a lot of colleagues."



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